Here are some projects of various ilk that I've created over the years.

  • Tensorpedia (this-wiki-dne)

    See how a machine learning algorithm generates Wikipedia articles based on nothing but the title. Built with Node and aitextgen.

  • Software Renderer

    ๐Ÿ‘† Click here to see a live online demo! A software renderer built with a custom SIMD linear algebra library using C++17 and SDL2. Compiled for the web to WebAssembly with Emscripten.

  • SussLang

    A while back I made a closure-based programming language, dubbed SussLang, in Python 3. While there are some things I would change about it, I'm still proud of the final product.

  • Aeditor

    A tool to isolate words in human speech using AI. Written in C++17 and Python 3. Fundamentally, I used this tool to help with one of my more esoteric projects: alphebetizing videos.

  • ChocAn Redux

    Java 15 and SQLite implementation of Chocoholics Anonymous found in Object Oriented and Classical Software Engineering, Appendix A.

  • Sums of Random Numbers and its Hidden Geometric Connections

    During the summer I found a video by 3Blue1Brown and Numberphile that inspired me to flex my multi-dimensional calculus and probability skills. The result was this fun, semi-formal paper!

  • Mixing with Variable Rates

    For my Differential Equations I class, we were required to create a paper discussing a mixing problem. I may have gone a bit overboard in discussing and solving it, but I'm proud of the thoroughness in the final result.


I also write music from time to time as a hobby.